1436 Flagship Store


Designed to transmit the values of a brand whose ambition is to make the finest cashmere in the world, the 1436 Beijing flagship boutique exudes the lightness and softness of a cloud. The two-level, 4,300-square-foot shop in Beijing’s Kerry Center provides a public stage and window into the world of the 1436 brand, revealing its technical sophistication and ideals of relaxed elegance. 

The spatial and merchandising design takes inspiration from the physicality of weaving cashmere fabric from the thinnest and longest possible threads. A series of veiling gestures begins at the existing double-height glass façade, layered with vertical LED panels to filter natural light inside while presenting an abstract landscape of light to the street. Within the boutique, translucent fabric veils and scrims define soft edges between the collection areas. The ceiling of illuminated, overlapping and gently undulating plaster panels creates a cloud-like environment suffused with waves of light, balanced by the warmth of blonde oak surfaces. 

The ethereal atmosphere is animated by the 21-foot-wide installation feature entitled Threaded Light, composed of 16,000 translucent acrylic glass rods backed by 16,000 LEDs, serving as both a display wall and a screen to narrate the production of cashmere. A second customized art wall was executed in gradating plaster tones by Orazio De Gennaro, inspired by the landscape of Mongolia, providing a graphic backdrop to the floating stair. Freestanding display fixtures are conceived as suspended lightweight elements, evoking the thinness and airiness of the cashmere collection. 

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1436 Flagship Store , Beijing