Fibonacci Lounge Chairs

The Fibonacci Lounge Chair Collection is inspired by the prêt-à-porter process of patternmaking, which evolved from Gabellini Sheppard Associates’ experience and research into developing spatial patterns which mold to and cradle the body. Like a corset, the stainless steel creates a form-fitting structural frame over which the woven natural rattan is draped.

Based on investigations into the natural world, the collection delineates forms that evoke a gestural intimacy, a fluidity of movement and has a sense of the “organic”. Yet the genesis of each design is highly rational and predicated on the Fibonacci series - the progressional geometric structure found in nature. 

The Collection further elevates the individual objects through the expression of craft by merging the form with the sophisticated tradition of weaving. Within this collection, the exploration of material, form and proportion coalesce to enhance the functionality and performance of each piece thereby enabling everyday objects to transcend from the mundane to an emotional realm. The result is a series whose aesthetic and comfort derives from and is directly intertwined with its natural form-making.

The Fibonacci Collection was designed exclusively for Janus et Cie.

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Fibonacci Lounge Chairs