Bellport Residence

New York City

This weekend house on the Great South Bay of Long Island is located on a residential lot with approximately 200 feet of shoreline.  This long-time client wanted to replace an existing pool and patio that had been built towards the front of the property, effectively ignoring the position of the house and shoreline.  Gabellini Sheppard Associates responded by creating a new 4,000 square foot limestone terrace that surrounds the house–conceptually raising it on a plinth–thus visually and functionally uniting the house and pool while taking advantage of the spectacular views.  The new pool is seamlessly carved into the plinth with full-width steps providing a gracious entry into the water. The adjacent kitchen, with a continuous series of French doors on two sides, opens onto the terrace and negotiates the transition to the exterior in a particularly graceful manner.

The limestone for the terrace and pool steps was sourced from an Eastern European quarry and selected by Gabellini Sheppard Associates for its unique combination of high weather resistance, uniform color and low cost.  This stone was also used for the custom 19-foot-long barbecue placed at the eastern end of the terrace; it cantilevers from the plinth and acts as a sculptural accent juxtaposed against the continuous row of evergreens beyond.  The furniture and umbrellas were selected by Gabellini Sheppard Associates to complement the scale of the terrace and barbecue.

At night, the drama of reflected light from the pool is enhanced by a custom-designed fiber optic lighting system along the pool's perimeter and under the steps.  Additional outdoor lighting is provided by fixtures recessed in the paving and in front of surrounding trees.

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Bellport Residence, New York City