Rainbow Room

New York City

The renovation of the 10,360-square-foot landmark interior blends contemporary needs while celebrating the embedded memory of the legendary Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza. The vision was to rejuvenate the once preeminent event space into a convertible venue suitable for hosting high caliber banquet and restaurant functions. Extensive archival research distinguished the design restoration and reimagination from the outset. This project is particularly unique in that it is a project of both landmark preservation and ecological stewardship, achieving silver LEED status. 

A fundamental element to those who had experienced the original Rainbow Room was the iconic rotating dance floor in the epicenter of the room. For this memory to endure with future generations, the floor was restructured to include new framing, acoustics and rotation motor underneath the new wood floor. Directly above the reengineered dance floor is the iconic dome ceiling, which was restored and finished in a silver leaf. Additional lights were added within the cavity of the dome to further accentuate the sparkle of the chandelier and illumination of the dance floor.  The chandelier in the center dome, sconces and glass globe posts were restored to their original glory by replacing damaged crystals. 

Custom furnishings were introduced along with a refined material palette of hand-rubbed antique bronze, hardwoods, and pewter satin mirrors which together produce a stream-lined elegance.  Crystal window veils were installed at each window opening, providing a rainbow prism effect throughout the day and a shimmering sparkle in the evening. As the crystals create a rainbow prism effect from the sun’s illumination through the window, a solar shade and layer of Mylar film serve to eliminate the prism effect if need be, giving the room alternate mood options and flexibility. Mirrors in a smoky grey finish were selected to complement and augment the space and its views of the New York City skyline. Hidden from sight but equally important, updated systems and contemporary technologies were sensitively integrated throughout the room.  New lighting, air-conditioning, and audio-visual equipment were discreetly constructed into the piers and across the ceiling.

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Rainbow Room, New York City