Mall of America North Expansion


Mall of America, North Expansion continues the incredibly successful integration and synergy which Mall of America and the City of Bloomington enjoy. As the western “gateway” to the city’s South Loop District, careful consideration has been given to create an environment which is physically, functionally, and visually integrated with the existing mall, future phases, and the surrounding community. This occurs through integration and coordination of architectural elements, exterior materials, ample windows, color, pedestrian / vehicular and service circulation and parking, site lighting, signage, overall massing, materials, and other elements of the design theme and details. 

The retail expansion is the main driver for the project creating a new high-end shopping district for Mall of America, plus a new venue (grand atrium) to accommodate some of the many Mall of America performance events. The new class “A” office and the JW Marriott hotel support a high-end demographic and bring additional guest traffic to the mall. The office connects on level three driving additional guest traffic to level three which is typically less trafficked than the lower floors. The hotel is connected through its signature restaurant on level one and through Marriott required controlled access on level two. 

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Mall of America North Expansion, Bloomington